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Operation: New View Community Action Agency has been dedicated to fighting poverty in Dubuque, Delaware, and Jackson Counties for more than 40 years. We seek to empower low-income families and individuals by providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. We offer a variety of programs including energy assistance, weatherization, and financial services.

We were established on February 8, 1974, as the successor to the River Valley Community Action Program. Community Action Agencies were created through the Federal Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as part of the War on Poverty. Community Action Agencies are dedicated to helping people help themselves in achieving self-sufficiency and to lift themselves out of poverty. Agencies administer a wide variety of programming intended to address the multiple needs of the low-income population. Each agency is charged with the responsibility to identify the unique factors within their communities that contribute to poverty and to deliver services that will ameliorate or eliminate those causes. Today, there are approximately 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States. In Iowa, we are one of seventeen Community Action Agencies that together serve all 99 counties in the state.

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